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Embden geese are a breed of domestic goose whose country of origin is Germany and are usually found on poultry farms. These geese are similar to Toulouse geese. Embden goose length has not yet been estimated, but the Embden goose size is 39.6 in (100.6 cm) in length. They are about ten times bigger than a packrat. Male Embden geese are known as ganders, and females are called geese. An Embden goose baby is known as a gosling.

                Embden Geese are excellent egg-layers generating 10-30 eggs, now and again as many as 40 white Embden goose eggs a year. Embden goose egg weighs approximately 6 oz (170 g). The eggs are then incubated for 28-34 days by the females before they finally hatch. Embden goose are mainly kept for meat production. They are heavy in size and very good for commercial meat production. The breed grows faster and is a popular goose breed for meat production.                 Here at Skaal farms the goose are well taken care of, they live in a hygienic environment with medical care from top notch medical practitioners. Their poultry is cleaned regularly and they are well fed. Also their goslings are well looked after.

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